Our Difference

Our method allows the participant to smoke cigarettes as part of our program. This way as they get ready for the “Right” time, they are open to ideas and are not burdened by the stress of not having to smoke.

Simplicity/ Minimum Withdrawal Symptoms

As opposed to other methods, in which the person trying to stop smoking goes through sever withdrawal symptoms, in our method, the simplicity of the process and the ease in which the person quits without very many symptoms is evident and often surprises the person who quits.

Becoming Happy, Not Sad

Also another difference between our method and other common stop smoking programs is that while with other methods the person quitting smoking is very angry and in a bad mood after quitting cigarettes, in our method, most of the people usually are happy and elated after quitting smoking

Success Rate

Our method has consistently lead to more that 92 percent success rate, right after quilting. Meaning right after finishing the program, 92 out of 100 people quit. The 8 people that have difficulty, usually do not pay full attention in the class or do not completely follow the instructions.

With continuous monitoring, we have discovered that our success rate has only dropped another 10 percent through out the years to no less than 80 percent.

So, we could confidently attest that in the long run, our success rate never drops below 80 percent...