The Program:

Our course is usually around 20 hours and starting the first day of the week, it runs for 5 evenings and at the end of the 5th night, the participant is ready to quit.

The next two days after, is the weekend  where the participant is on a “Holiday”. As part of the Support process, during these two days various text messages are send to him/her to help him/her go through the mild withdrawal process. In most cases, due to the effectiveness of the 5 day classes that the participant has gone through, they usually breeze through these post quitting “Holidays”.

The next day, all participants of the program come back for a “Visit”. Now that they have been non-smokers for the past three days, usually about 90 percent report no-problems. They mostly express very easy and joyful state, with minimum withdrawal symptoms.

At the “Visit” class, various techniques are discussed and individual time is allotted to the 10 percent with the “Pressure”.

For the next three weeks “support” is given with weekly telephone calls and text messages.

After 3 weeks, one more session is allotted for “Final Support Class”. In this session, various techniques are discussed for the maintenance of non-smoker status for the rest of the life.